Our solution for managing building requirements helps project managers and contract teams who want to create, change or comply to a Statement of Requirements using Systems Engineering (SE) and engage in Building Information Modelling (BIM). Our solution avoids scattered documents and increases coherency of information. Unlike managing projects by using documents and spreadsheets.

Through the use of SEm and the support of Semmtech, we are able to win large public tenders. Regardless of the complexity of the project or the contract (form), we now have a scalable solution that provides structure and traceability within our own organization, but also in our communication towards our clients.

Joost Wilbrink

Tender Manager Design & Build - Dura Vermeer

Our solution

We solve
  • Faults and inconsistencies in contracts

  • Problems of versioning and traceability

  • Incoherent information of architects, consultants and contractors

What makes it even better?
  • Beyond just managing the brief (full life cycle coverage instead)

  • Using online external information sources (e.g. data libraries)

  • Add Ons available for BIM and exchange standards (using Open Standards)

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