Our Model Based Contract Management (Systeemgerichte Contract Beheersing ‘SCB’ in Dutch) solution helps public clients build trust between themselves and contractors. Our solution helps avoiding conflicts on projects and increase transparency regarding requirements, performance and proof. Unlike traditional document driven contract management.

Testimonial Gyasi Bonne-David Johnson

Advisor Project Control – PACER for Dienst Metro & Tram Amsterdam

Work is done more efficient, by applying the SEm ‘SCB’ module at the Amstelveenlijn project, work is done more efficient and more in the spirit of System Based Contract Management.

Our solution

We solve
  • Risks caused by lack of overviews and dashboards

  • Transparent and untraceable performance compliance

  • Too much capacity and time needed for contract management efforts

What makes it even better?
  • Mutual trust: pleasant cooperation, open communication, clear expectations

  • Cost effectiveness: tool support outweighs manual processing by far

  • Professionalizes commissioning and contract management as a client

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