Our Linked Data Introduction course helps information architects with data integration challenges that want to learn about the principles of Linked Data and Semantic Web. The course increases confidence in applying Linked Data fit for purpose, instead of starting risky software development projects.

ProRail and Semmtech have cooperated in the BIM laboratory COINS. In this lab ProRail, along with private parties, has tested the semantic exchange standard COINS. Semmtech brought expertise, semantic modelling and tooling to the table, with a good balance of knowledge on the subject matter and consultancy. Partly because of Semmtech the BIM laboratory has proven to be a success.


Thymo van den Brug

Program manager BIM - ProRail

Our solution

We solve
  • Uncertainty about applying Linked Data and Semantic Web technology

  • Waste of ‘pilots’ that do not fit a purpose

  • Risks on time and money spent on IT projects

What makes it even better
  • Makes less dependent of IT suppliers

  • Increasing skill set of information architects

  • Ready for using Master Data and Data Delivery

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