Our solution for managing information libraries helps organisations who want to (re)use information in different applications by reducing efforts and costs of managing data and interfaces. Our solution increases flexibility by using Open Linked Data Standards, unlike vendor-specific solutions for library management and hard coded middleware for data exchange.

For the storage and information-exchange we intend to use state-of-the-art technology which has proven its use. Because such activities belong outside of CROW’s core-responsibilities, we fully enjoy the services Semmtech provides us with. They help us in both the development and the implementation of a software-independent data storage system. Thanks to this method we are confident that we will be fully ‘up-to-date’ in years to come when it comes to the matter of data storage.


Ad van Leest

Chairman Tendering and Contracting CROW

Our solution

We solve
  • Lack of common data to link multiple sources into a coherent whole

  • Need for knowledge for managing information libraries

  • Need for tools to manage information libraries

What makes it even better?
  • Start right away with standard library templates

  • Direct publication of libraries in Open Standards to use in different applications

  • Linking libraries to other libraries (even of other organisations)

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