A companywide roll-out of our modelling framework helps technology oriented organisations that want to integrate life cycle information in their software landscapes. Our solution reduces efforts of managing applications and interfacing by enabling a flexible and highly standardised information architecture. Unlike ad hoc solutions for every project or vendor lock-in of ‘one-size-fits-all’ suppliers.

We have teamed up with Semmtech to increase our grip on the information flows that revolve around our processes, products, and services. Semmtech has proven to be skilled and reliable as partners in this venture. With the information model that we use, we make fewer mistakes, ensure a better coherency and cohesion, and have the ability to reuse our information. But, more importantly: increased collaboration between our employees and greater satisfaction of our customers.

Marc Raessen 

Director for Roads, Traffic, and Information Management, Arcadis

Our solution

We solve
  • Lack of knowledge for IT standardisation within the company

  • Unmanageable cooperation between IT suppliers in the landscape

  • Cost of software ownership (spent on development and maintenance)

What makes it even better?
  • Scalable for extending and adding applications to a landscape

  • Less dependent on individual experts within the company

  • Less vendor-lock in of software suppliers

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