Our configuration of Relatics for Systems Engineering helps project managers and contract teams who want to manage requirements, design or even maintenance information in a controlled manner by avoiding scattered documents and increasing coherency of information, unlike managing projects by using documents and spreadsheets.

It has been over 5 years since I first worked with Semmtech on information management for large infrastructure projects. Since then, I have asked them for every project that I have been involved in. Their approach, knowledge, and expertise connects theory and pragmatism in a discipline that has gained a prominent position in (major) engineering projects. Semmtech succeeds at translating their powerful vision on managing information to practical and user-friendly tools that help to increase productivity and effectiveness on our projects. On top of that, they are very reliable when it comes to their commitments, planning, and they are easy to talk to and work with.


Jan van Steirteghem

Project director integral projects – BESIX

Our solution

We solve?
  • Having no clear standard basis for SE

  • Incoherent information of clients, designers, consultants and contractors

  • Limited in life cycle support

What makes it even better?
  • Tested and proven by various multinationals in more than 10 countries and over 2000 users

  • Using online external information sources (e.g. data libraries)

  • Add Ons available for BIM and exchange standards (using Open Standards)

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