We offer solutions for Knowledge Management to distribute content libraries via our LACES Platform. Our Platform stores data in an Open Standard format for Linked Data and offers Integration and Distribution Services for Data Warehousing of both standards and project data alike. Our models offer standardized templates for data exchange and off-the-shelf Configurations in third party applications for Product Life Cycle Management.



We offer off-the-shelf semantic models that describe the coherency and consistency of information. Our models offer standardised templates for data exchange, blueprints for software development and ready-made Configurations of third party applications for Product Life Cycle Management that can be tailored to specific needs.


Our LACES Library Manager is an online application for Master Data Management. For instance master data libraries like dictionaries, Object Type Libraries (OTL) and product catalogues. Information libraries can be used as a cornerstone in automation by linking and accessing different data sources for interfacing or use of information standards in different applications to use in their own workflow.

Our OTLcore is a semantic information model that is used as a starting point for describing Object Type Libraries (OTL). OTLcore describes basic building blocks for libraries of product oriented information.  Clients use these libraries as common vocabularies for data exchange and as uniform information standard for Content Workflow in different applications. OTLcore is the basis for our library management application.




Our LACES Platform is a Linked Data Warehouse solution for publishing and storing datasets in an Open Standard for Linked Data. The Platform allows our clients and third party software developers to use the power of graphs, semantics and internet technology to offer better support for operational and analytic applications.

Our DDAmodel  is a semantic information model that is used as part of an Data Delivery Agreement (DDA). DDAmodel describes basic structure and semantics for data exchange in Open Standard RDF and XML Schema (XSD). Clients use DDAmodel as a basis for Data Delivery Manuals when there is a need for exchanging product data within a supply chain.


Applications can use our LACES Platform to exchange data. Our LACES Add-ons are additions to third party applications for sharing data from a native format in an Open Standard via the LACES Platform. Add Ons are used to access and navigate through external data sources like information libraries. Or for publishing information for different applications to use in their own workflow.

Our SEm® (Systems Engineering model) is a semantic information model that is used as a blueprint for software development and tool configuration. SEm® describes all important aspects of Systems Engineering: an integral approach to Product Life cycle Management (PLM). The model is used in different sectors such as infrastructure, shipbuilding, construction and transport. Clients use SEm® as a starting point for configuring their own tools and as an Enterprise architecture for their application landscapes.




Our off-the-shelf semantic models are used for ready-made configurations of third party applications that support Product Life cycle Management (PLM). Our team of consultants use high-productivity Rapid Application Development solutions supporting no-code and model-driven development to rapidly build and deploy cloud-native applications. And we enable your staff of non-professional developers to manage applications independently.

SEm® in Relatics

Our SEm® (Systems Engineering model) is available as an off-the-shelf configuration for Relatics software. Relatics is used by our consultants to create tools for different purposes allowing users to configure their own information architecture. We use Relatics because it is highly flexible and allows us to apply our modelling methodology with limited restrictions. A SEm®-configuration enables a quick start when using Relatics for Product Life cycle Management (PLM) and Systems Engineering (SE).

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