Smart Standards for Requirements management

Smart Standards for Requirements management

In the AECO industry, we use the same information repeatedly. Every project starts with a statement of requirements full of specifications of what an asset should comply with. But what if you could use smart standards for requirements management?

Unfortunately, the industry is still paper-bound to a large extent or at least text-bound, working with PDF and Word files. Because the plain text is not computer interpretable, it is not processable for software, e.g., Requirements Management tools. So people spend a lot of time copying and pasting information. While running the risk of inconsistencies and redundancies leading to miscommunication and, in the worst case: mistakes being made.

We apply Artificial Intelligence to mine text and convert ‘dumb’ into ‘smart’ specifications. ISO calls these level 4 standards: standards fully interpretable by computers.  We even take it further: making the smart semantic standards available in an Open Standard to share your publications via the Internet. For Systems Engineering and Requirements Management software to ‘consume’ data directly for you to apply more efficiently, effectively, and with less vendor-lock-in.

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Whitepaper: Next Level Smart Standards


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