Object Type Libraries

Object Type Libraries

Object Type Libraries

We recognize the following major issues concerning managing and sharing asset data:

  • Data is unintelligent when it lacks context or meaning
  • Data is unconnected, incoherent and bound to single databases
  • Data is difficult to exchange between applications and organisations

By creating an Object Type Library (OTL), you can create a structured and meaningful standardized dataset. When an OTL is published as Linked Data, as part of the Semantic Web, you can connect your data to this library in order to add meaning and structure – regardless of database or application. This makes your data more intelligent by adding context via the OTL. With this approach it is possible to query across different databases without having to transform, translate or interface your data. Adding Object Type Libraries makes your data more meaningful, manageable and insightful across your entire application landscape. By linking to other OTLs, you can even query over data of others, adding further value to your own data.
Semmtech offers both tooling and consultancy regarding creation, maintenance, publication and management of Object Type Libraries.


We solve

  • Lack of common data to link multiple sources into a coherent whole
  • Need for knowledge for managing information libraries
  • Need for tools to manage information libraries

What makes it even better

  • Start right away with standard library templates
  • Direct publication of libraries in Open Standards to use in different applications
  • Linking libraries to other libraries (even of other organisations)
"For the storage and information-exchange we intend to use state-of-the-art technology which has proven its use. Because such activities belong outside of CROW’s core-responsibilities, we fully enjoy the services Semmtech provides us with. They help us in both the development and the implementation of a software-independent data storage system. Thanks to this method we are confident that we will be fully ‘up-to-date’ in years to come when it comes to the matter of data storage."
Ad van Leest
Chairman Tendering and Contracting CROW
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