What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is the field of creating autonomous machines to perform tasks usually done by a human. We use a specific domain in AI, called Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze large volumes of unstructured data and automatically create structure and derive meaning from the data. By doing so we make data interoperable for software to offer better functionalities to people.

What can we add to your

  • To apply AI successfully, organizations require specialist capabilities. It requires knowledge of formal logic, probabilistic, limited memory and being skilled in methods such as entity recognition and deep learning.
  • Our consultants are educated in data and computer science and well trained in artificial intelligence.
  • They offer our clients advice and support or teach clients to apply AI themselves and become independent of suppliers.

How we support:

We are technology experts on NLP

We offer the combination of AI with Linked Data for publishing

We can provide you with dedicated tooling

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Bram Bazuin Head of Fields and Capabilities at Semmtech

Bram Bazuin

Head of Fields