With regards to Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), many engineering projects suffer from the same pains:

Inefficient ways of working on projects

No support-base for managing MBSE-tools within teams

Lack of IT or MBSE knowledge or experience.

Semmtech has off-the-shelf configurations of third party applications and services to support you with applying Model Based Systems Engineering to your project(s).

Our solutions are standardized, based on the Systems Engineering model (SEm®), simple to use and have been proven across numerous projects in the last few years. Our solutions allow for full integrations with 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM), enable the reuse of classification systems, standard requirements and product catalogs, supported by exchange in Open Standards for data deliveries.

Our products, consultancy and training are plentiful to quick-start the adoption of Systems Engineering within your project(s) or organization. If needed, we also offer services to support you on your Systems Engineering (SE) processes when your own capacity is low.

Our consultants are trained in semantic modeling for Systems Engineering, standards like ISO15288 and ISO15926, and highly skilled in different application platforms for SE-tools.

Our services

The benefits of Semmtech supporting your MBSE journey

We supply simple, highly standardized tools

Proven by thousands of users on small and large projects

Most experienced supplier of SE configurations for low-code platforms

Expertise & Capabilities

Semantic Modeling

How we add meaning in a way that is interpretable for both people and computers?

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Ontology-Driven Software Development

How to combine the benefits of semantic web technology with software development?

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For several asset owners, contractors and engineering firms we have provided an Enterprise Architecture for MBSE.

These clients are trained by our consultants to manage their Systems Engineering-software landscapes independently of us or other suppliers. In the event that they need to scale capacity for a new project, we can support them the next day, all due to standardization of how MBSE applications and interfaces are configured and managed.