What is Ontology-Driven Software Development?

Ontology-Driven Software Development, a special kind of Model-Based (Software) Development or Model Driven Development (MDD), combines the use of ontologies in software development with Semantic Web technologies. We design semantic models to be shared as a common blueprint for software and data exchange, to be applied for code generation in low-code development.

What can we add to your

  • To apply Ontology-Driven Software Development, successfully knowledge of and skills in programming, ontology engineering, description logics are all basic topics to master.
  • Our consultants are well trained in the field of Ontology-Driven Software Development. They offer our clients advice and support in this domain.
  • Our trainers teach our partners and clients to apply Ontology-Driven Software Development themselves and become independent of IT consultants and save on software development

How we support:

We are highly skilled in software development and agile management methods

We offer training in ontology-architecting to ‘train-the-trainer’

We can provide you with dedicated tools from our partner network

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Bram Bazuin

Head of Fields