What is Linked Data?

Linked Data is an Open Standard for interoperability through the cloud, and one of our core areas of expertise. Linked Data is based on a universal data structure called Resource Description Framework (RDF), making data accessible via the Internet and interrelated as one coherent web of data.

To use Linked Data successfully, organizations require specialist capabilities. For instance methods for designing information models (schemas) and ontologies, in-depth knowledge on modeling languages (e.g. RDF(S), OWL, SKOS) and skilled application of query and validation languages like SPARQL and SHACL.

What can we add to your

  • We offer consultancy, support and training on the use of Linked Data.
  • Our consultants are well trained in the field of Linked Data and can advise you on its application or help you with designing and implementing software.
  • Our trainers teach our partners and clients to apply Linked Data methods and tools themselves and become independent of suppliers.

How we support:

We have been a front-runner in the field of Linked Data over ten years

We have a proven track record in successfully applying Linked Data

We are highly knowledgeable of technological impact

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Bram Bazuin Head of Fields and Capabilities at Semmtech

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