When your organization is in need of a dedicated software instrument, you need bespoke development, at low cost and as efficiently as possible.

Together with our clients, we build extraordinary software, but not in the traditional way by starting from scratch. We use Agile methods like Scrum and supportive code generation for Java and Python to save your team time and money.

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We provide you with off-the-shelf open source components to avoid redundant work.

We use a state-of-the-art technology stack and NoSQL databases for optimal performance and scalability, and leave front-end components agile for functionality tailoring. 

Whether you have your own development team, use a third-party developer or you want us to create your application, we are there to help. We deliver development, consultancy and/or delegated project management to third party software developers and their clients to build unique applications. That is how we support your processes and grow your business.

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Olivier Stulp Semmtech COO

Olivier Stulp

Chief Operations Officer