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Picture this. Cutting tender lead times in half, running tenders with a smaller tender team, and generating bid proposals instead of writing them from scratch. How can you amplify your team’s performance to enhance your competitive advantage and win tenders more efficiently with less effort? Semmtech can provide three capabilities, depending on the desired level of support, to supercharge your tender team.

Flying head start.
We will run tender documents through our Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Natural language Processing (NLP) technology that extracts all requirements from documents within minutes. The result is a list of specifications classified as a requirement or something else. The immediate head start means you can immediately go through the list to validate each specification and assign a responsible team to handle it. Once all specifications have been assigned, throw away the document, activate your teams, and ensure everything is covered.

Get to the bottom of it quickly.
Each team processes its own set of requirements. Get to the bottom of the tender quickly by doing a joint requirements analysis, engage with the client by asking the right questions related to each specification, and devise the optimal bid strategy. Focus specifically on your own competitive advantage and translate the value you offer into your bid proposals. You choose how you want your tender process boosted, e.g., by Laces, Relatics, Excel, or your own application.

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s.
After creating your bid deliverables, such as a plan of approach, planning, or cost estimate, how can you be confident that everything has been completed, addressed, and compliant? By generating a compliance matrix, you can easily plan, monitor progress, and deliver proof of verification to your client.

The cherry on top.
The more you use AI/NLP technology, the better it becomes. Efficiency increases in due time due to repetitive clients and document types. Generating proposals instead of writing is also possible.

How can Semmtech help?
We will assist you through a simple four-step process, which includes: 1) Extracting specifications from PDFs. 2) Converting them into requirements, 3) Managing your tender data, and 4) Creating a compliance matrix.

For Step 1, we will use our AI/NLP technology. Steps 2, 3, and 4 can be done according to your preferred application. Step 1 is a service. Step 2, 3, and 4 are optional services (we can help, but it’s up to you).

Would you like to know more about this development, or do you have a tender document you would like to start with? Please do not hesitate to contact Herman Hoekman or schedule a free consultation directly.

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