Availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all is a UN Sustainable Development Goal.

For people and economies to prosper, a climate-resilient water infrastructure is a precondition. Unfortunately, due to climate change, the number of incidents worldwide of water shortages or floods have only increased in the past twenty years.

Digitalization of drinking water and wastewater utilities and infrastructure can help prevent shortages in water resources, non-revenue water and fulfil the need to deliver more clean water for less investment.

The biggest drivers for change are

  Supply chain integration is key to save time and money

 Industry 4.0 requires smarter use of data and automation

Digitalizing knowledge to counter outflux of an aging workforce’


We support owners/operators like drinking water companies and engineering, procurement and construction contractors with the design and management of (parts of) their data ecosystems and application landscapes.

Expertise & Capabilities

Semantic Modeling

How we add meaning in a way that is interpretable for both people and computers

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Master Data Management

How can you manage golden records and enterprise knowledge within and between organizations and their software systems?

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Linked Data

How can we make your data available? And how do we determine which methods and models you need?

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Herman Hoekman Head of industries at Semmtech

Herman Hoekman

Head of Industries