White Paper: Toward Mature Object Type Libraries

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The AECO industries are constantly evolving, and automation has become a source of increased productivity and cost efficiency. With the integration of Systems Engineering (SE) and the rise of digitalization through Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Open Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), organizations are leading a paradigm shift in information management. 

Ontologies, also known as Object Type Libraries (OTLs) or Reference Data Libraries (RDLs) play an important role in this process, serving as the backbone of this transformation. There is a growing understanding that embracing Systems Engineering and using digitalization through BIM and Open PLM is essential for achieving operational excellence. Ontologies are the key to unlocking streamlined data management and enriched data for your organization.

At Semmtech, we offer a solution to the most pressing challenges that individuals working in the AECO industries face. We believe that after reading our newest whitepaper, you will gain the following valuable insights.

1. Learn how ontologies improve work across industries by sharing data between software, making operations smarter.

2. Discover how careful management prevents issues in using ontologies across different software, ensuring smoother operations.

3. Explore how ontologies grow smarter over time, simplifying work by automatically organizing and integrating information.

Ready to delve into the future of information management?