Technologically advanced, sustainable and resilient infrastructure is vital to economic growth.

Decarbonization and digitalization are now high on the agendas of asset owners and operators to make it work.

Because of that contractors and engineering firms are facing regulations and requirements on how to provide others with data.

The biggest drivers for change are

Supply chain integration is key to gain higher margins

Legislation requires full control over asset information

Reusing information is key to save time and money


We are supporting our clients in infrastructure on all levels, from application management on projects to digital transformations and software landscape integrations. Our skilled teams will help your organization achieve unprecedented impact in areas such as project and asset management of road, rail and waterways.

Expertise & Capabilities

Semantic Modeling

How we add meaning in a way that is interpretable for both people and computers

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Master Data Management

How can you manage golden records and enterprise knowledge within and between organizations and their software systems?

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Integration services to retrieve data from multiple sources in a simplified way

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