Demonstration: Save at least 40% of your time reading and interpreting tender paperwork

Generating a bid proposal for a tender is complex, time-consuming, and overwhelming for anyone who wants to participate. Teams working on them have to deal with large amounts of documents and information, including complex requirements and specifications.

Unlike the traditional way of working, where tender teams often have to go over hundreds of documents manually, we can now ease that burden and help tender teams eliminate repetitive and manual tasks with Laces and AI.

This saves at least 40% time reading, analyzing, and
understanding tender documents!

Of course, we understand that you want to see it with your own eyes first. And that is why we have the Hoogheemraadschap de Stichtse Rijnlanden tender: ‘framework agreement major maintenance water system works (TenderNed-kenmerk 413037)’, available as a free example.

Whether you work on that tender or not. At the end, you’ll know how to:

  • Save time reading, analyzing, and understanding tender documents by extracting requirements automatically.
  • Find important information faster by presenting and using it wherever you want: Laces SPL, Relatics, Excel.
  • Launch the bidding process quickly by categorizing, enriching, and distributing information to teams quickly.
  • And proposals can be more easily verified against stated requirements without much manual and repetitive work.

Interested in the HDSR dataset or Laces functionality? Leave your contact information, and we’ll get in touch to organize a demonstration and provide you with the free HDSR Laces dataset