Digital Project Management

Projects in shipbuilding and offshore often deal with many stakeholders and an abundance of project data. As this data is stuck in different tools it is hard for project managers to safeguard coherence and consistency. We help organizations across projects with tool development and application management.

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a data driven and object oriented approach to engineering and design. BIM promises to save time and money by better managing complexity. We can help you manage your data in a ‘BIM-compliant’ manner.

Data Libraries

Data exchange requires reference data: descriptions of products and their properties to be handed over from suppliers to clients and vice versa. But with every different application an exchange agreement is needed. We help you implement successful data libraries.

Smart Standards

Standards, like requirements for products, are being used repeatedly in every new project. Copy-pasting leads to mistakes and the burden of managing information in more than one place. We help you manage standards from the cloud and have it used over and over.

Data Ecosystems

Working with different stakeholders like suppliers and partners, means you face multiple software applications time and time again. To safeguard data quality and exchange between systems, we help you make your data ecosystem interoperable.

Model-Based Systems Engineering

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is applied to be in control of project data and the interfaces between project management processes. By having a common blueprint for data, your projects can align their applications and are better suited to cooperate.

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