When working with (standardized) specifications or requirements, the main difficulties with which people are confronted are:

Specifications are locked in text documents or within a single application.

It is time consuming to find and apply specifications from documents.

Risk of loss in quality and rework due to copy-pasting between applications.

By creating and publishing a Specifications Library, your standard set of requirements becomes available, applicable and reusable across all the applications within your application landscape.

Once published as Linked Data, you could also link your standardized requirements to your Object Type Library – this drastically decreases the time required to apply your specifications to their corresponding subjects. Next to your Object Type Library, you can also link it to other published sets of requirement (i.e. ISO standards) – simplifying your requirement allocation process even further.

Semmtech offers consultancy to support creating, maintaining, publishing and applying libraries. Our consultants are trained and skilled in Natural language Programming to help you process rigid formats like XML or even PDF files to save you time.

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Benefits of applying Smart Standards

Less time spent on document analysis

Less time spent on usage of documents in projects

Higher quality of information (specifications)

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We have helped clients in publishing, knowledge management and standardization or certification

In their digital transformations from distributing unstructured files (e.g. PDF) or structured but limiting formats (e.g. CSV and XML) to their customers: those who ‘consume’ standards within applications of their own choosing.