Organizations must accelerate their digital transfomation to stay ahead of ever-changing trends and meet rising IT demands.

When it comes to digital transformations, a solid strategy is key to success. Lack of awareness of the impact of emerging technologies or limited understanding of how business objectives translate to data and software can leave organizations paralyzed.

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We determine the impact of digital transformation on your operations and software ecosystem

We enable you to make decisions on whether to make or buy solutions or ally with technology partners. As your business goals are clear, we help you with the digital and technology aspects of business strategy.

We offer consultancy to create your digital strategy roadmap and start your digital transformation to make clients’ business data driven, content centric and not vendor-locked-in.

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Digital Strategy

What does digital transformation mean for your organization and IT? How do you start and how do you lead the process?

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Linked Data

How can we make your data available? And how do we determine which methods and models you need?

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Enterprise Architecture

How to design your ecosystem of agents and their information flows?

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Olivier Stulp Semmtech COO

Olivier Stulp

Chief Operations Officer