We see business processes, information and software as a united whole. And we understand the differences between challenges on the work place, the ones for the management, and those for IT administrators. We improve business processes with practical software tools and make data administration easier and cheaper.

Tool Implementation

tool implementation

We help our clients to configure (third party) software into tools. We offer off-the-shelf Configurations for different use. And we develop entirely new tools from scratch. Together with our clients we analyse business processes, design an information architecture and we tailor applications fit for purpose. We implement tools project-based or company-wide and we train our clients to be independent of us and other suppliers in application management.

Roadmap Development

All of our clients have a latent need to share information between applications. We help our clients to determine a level of ambition for information integration that fits the business, avoiding costly and ineffective IT projects. Together we determine the step-by-step process of information integration in their specific application landscapes. Solutions may vary between one-on-one interfaces and centralised service oriented solutions and even the use of full-fledged semantic and Linked Data technologies.

roadmap development

Enterprise Architecture

enterprise architecture

When it comes to information management our clients use a variety of applications. Our clients feel a need to standardise applications and interfaces in order to avoid costs of grillage changes in business needs. We help our clients to design an information architecture based on semantic methodology to manage application landscapes. And to gain control over the development and maintenance of middleware solutions by suppliers.

Data Integration

Unfortunately not all applications use the same semantics and formats. Because of that our clients need to be able to translate and convert data from one dataset to another. We help our clients by making integration services using semantic models and Open Standards.

By using models we can deliver faster and be more flexible. And by modelling instead of programming we save time and money on software development and maintenance.

Data Integration

Knowledge Transfer

We want to make our clients independent of our services and to achieve this we train them. We offer different courses that educate our clients in models based information management, semantic modelling and applying Linked Data. By transferring knowledge our clients can maintain and extend software implementations themselves. Resulting in saving money on hiring expensive IT consultants and become less dependent on individuals.

Daan Oostinga

General Manager

Helping those who shape the world with sharing data.