What is enterprise architecture?

Enterprise architecture (EA) as a field combines business administration, information management and informatics to model organizations and their strategic objectives. The result is an operational model of an entire organization. The enterprise architecture is the backbone and blueprint on how an organization and its means coherently cooperate within their value chain to execute the organization’s business plan.

What can we add to your

  • We help our clients’ management with their strategy for digital transformation by creating the enterprise architecture.
  • Our skilled and experienced consultants assess the business objectives and organization structure and model methodically the coherency between your application landscape, business processes and people.
  • As a result you are provided with a layout of all aspects and organizational means to transform digitally.

How we support:

Our team has experience in shaping large scale digital transformations

Our team is skilled in enterprise architecting methods (e.g. Archimate and TOGAF)

Our team is well-trained in Solution Architecture Management, Future State Design and Capability Based Planning

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Bram Bazuin Head of Fields and Capabilities at Semmtech

Bram Bazuin

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