To keep our front-runner position, we do plenty of research and exploratory development. All our consultants and developers have a role in innovation and research projects at some point in their careers.

Examples of research themes are: blockchain for Linked Data, use of decentralized identifiers (DIDs), formal modeling languages (e.g. SysML 2.0). and mathematical enhancement of graphs. Some of our, now mature, fields resulted from research topics. For example the field of Artificial Intelligence and specifically the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) are being applied to deriving structure and semantics from large datasets.

Our innovation department manages relations with special interest groups, expert committees, and communities such as SOLID and OMG. Innovation also organizes partnerships with other companies and with universities for joint research projects.

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Sander Stolk Head of Innovation at Semmtech

Sander Stolk

Head of Innovation