Meet our new Consulting Analyst Jelle

Meet our new Consulting Analyst

Our Semmtech team has recently been strengthened by Jelle, who joined as a consulting analyst.

Jelle Tromp is 24 years old, from Koog aan de Zaan, with an educational background in chemistry from the University of Amsterdam. When exploring new career options, Jelle stumbled upon our vacancy for a consulting analyst and decided to join our team. We decided to ask Jelle a few questions about his first weeks at Semmtech. 

Hi Jelle! Can you please introduce yourself shortly?

‘Hello. I am Jelle. I am 24 years old and come from Koog aan de Zaan. During my academic career, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a Master’s degree in analytical chemistry. So, I have a heavy background in chemistry. In my free time, during my studies and right now, I like to spend time with my friends and family and play water polo.’

Why did you decide to switch careers from chemistry to consulting?

‘I chose not to pursue a career in chemistry because I was not interested in spending my entire career in a lab conducting repetitive analyses. Instead, I tried to explore business and corporate life in general. I was looking at entry-level positions in consultancy, and that’s how I ended up on in the first place.’

How did you find Semmtech? And what motivated you to apply?

‘I found out about Semmtech when I found the vacancy on and clicked the ‘like’ button. Then Olivier reached out inviting me to check out what they were doing, and I found out more about Semmtech via their company page on After a quick research of the company, I became curious about it and I first met with Olivier, via whom I got acquainted with Semmtech and the position a bit more.’

What did the rest of your interview process look like?

‘After my first meeting with Olivier, while reading about the clients and fields that Semmtech works in, I was invited for a second interview with Utku, and delved a bit deeper into my motivation and background. I also learned more about what he does and what his work is like. In my last interview, I prepared a consultancy case, which I worked on for a few days. Bram and Rik were impressed with my findings, and shortly after, I received my offer from Olivier’

 How was your onboarding?

‘My onboarding was a combination of getting acquainted with the environment and team and engaging in training and self-study. I followed a pre-prepared plan, which allowed me to follow training sessions and self-study – e.g. on topics like Semantic modeling, the SEM model, Relatics, Laces, and Linked Data. I was also assigned a supervisor / career coach, Wouter Loubbers, who will guide and coach me. Semmtech also has a great library where you can borrow physical books and learn more about a certain topic. And in my second or third week, I started on my first client project for a large shipbuilding company’

‘Soon after the onboarding training, I attended an external Thinkwise training to learn more about their low-code platform and which Semmtech is aiming to use to build solutions for its clients. That training consisted of self-study as well as classroom sessions. It was a fun experience to enter a new program with a clean slate and learn more about it, and also nice to help bring new knowledge and skills to Semmtech.’

How can you reflect on your first months at Semmtech?

‘I like working at Semmtech because everybody is very friendly and always ready to help each other. The people are also always open and available to answer any questions I may have. I also enjoy the foosball table in the canteen and the Friday after-work drinks, where I can relax and start my weekend early.’ 

Are you interested in hearing more about what we do at Semmtech and becoming part of our team? Head over to our vacancy page, or send us an open application to if you’re curious to learn more about the way we can develop your talents.