Streamlined Contract Validation for Engineering Projects

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Streamline information hand-overs from suppliers in engineering projects

As engineering projects progress through the design phase, asset owners often face the challenging task of interpreting, assimilating, receiving, and validating project data from contractors. This undertaking can be time-intensive and burdensome because it requires attention to detail and can result in significant delays if not handed out efficiently, demanding substantial manual effort to ensure accuracy and compliance. But don’t worry, there’s a solution to the time-consuming and challenging task of understanding complex contracts in engineering projects: Semmtech has come up with an easy way to make it all simpler.

Our innovative approach leverages ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) software to create a system where contractors can effortlessly upload their design contracts. Through this system, the uploaded contracts undergo automatic validation against established business rules, ensuring accuracy and compliance. The validated contracts are then integrated into the asset owner’s software or tooling ecosystem for further review, eliminating unnecessary manual steps and optimizing efficiency. Below, you’ll find an overview of the real-world benefits that await companies ready to embrace our solution.

Business Benefits:

1). Efficiency Savings: By automating the contract validation process, our solution significantly reduces the need for manual oversight, expediting the overall process and cutting down on labor costs.

2). Error Reduction: Our ETL system incorporates built-in validation against pre-defined business rules, such as SPARQL query checking. This ensures that potential errors in contract data are promptly flagged and addressed, minimizing the risk of inaccuracies. With increased data integrity, asset owners can confidently make decisions based on accurate information.

3). Seamless Integration: Our solution not only validates contracts but also seamlessly integrates the validated information directly into the asset owner’s system. This eliminates the cumbersome manual steps involved in transferring data, enhancing the overall efficiency.

4). Scalability: As your business grows and the contractual complexity increases, our solution is designed to adapt and handle larger volumes of data with the same level of accuracy. Our scalable system ensures that regardless of the project size or number of contracts, each validation is performed consistently and reliably.

5). Enhanced Compliance: Compliance with internal policies and regulatory requirements is of utmost importance. Our solution provides automated validation against business rules, ensuring adherence to established guidelines. This not only makes compliance more consistent but also provides a traceable record for reviews and audits.


In conclusion, Semmtech’s streamlined contract validation solution transforms the intake of contractor information during engineering projects. By using ETL software and automated validation against established business rules, we improve efficiency, reduce errors, facilitate seamless integration, ensure scalability, and improve compliance. Make your contract validation process more efficient, accurate, and compliant with our innovative solution. We’ve already successfully implemented this for our clients and can do the same for your organization.

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