What is Master Data Management?

Master Data Management (MDM) is the field of managing golden records and enterprise knowledge within and between organizations and their software systems. Master data is created once and distributed to all users and their applications to be used time and time again.

The quality of your master data determines how effectively and efficiently your organization or even the entire ecosystem is able to use an application landscape, coherently and consistently. This is key for determining the outcome of your business processes.

What can we add to your

  • To execute MDM successfully, organizations require specialist capabilities. It requires knowledge of formal taxonomies and ontologies, Reference Data Libraries (RDL), sometimes called Object Type Libraries (OTL), metadata, product catalogs and classification systems.
  • Sounds complicated, but it does not have to be. Our consultants are well trained in the field of MDM. They offer our clients advice and support for creating, managing and applying master data.
  • We can also transfer our knowledge, by teaching our partners and clients to apply MDM themselves and become independent of suppliers.

How we support:

We have cross-industry experience in reference data systems

We have experienced instructors to educate (your) professionals in modeling

We can provide you with dedicated tools and help you to implement them

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Bram Bazuin Head of Fields and Capabilities at Semmtech

Bram Bazuin

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