Shipyards and engineering firms develop large-scale one-of-a-kind projects. These projects are complex because of a multidisciplinary context and technological coherence. Think of frigates, dredgers, luxury yachts or off-shore platforms and heavy lifting equipment. The risk of completion delays and/or cost overruns is always a concern for project management.

Inefficient ways of working on projects

No support base for managing project management applications in your team

Lack of IT knowledge/experience for swift tailoring of tools to the project’s needs

Semmtech has off-the-shelf configurations of (third party) low-code applications and services to support you with information about products and processes on your project(s).

Our solutions are standardized, simple to use and have been proven across numerous projects, big and small. Our solutions allow for full integrations with Model Based Systems Engineering and 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) and enable the reuse of classification systems, standard requirements and product catalogs, supported by exchange in Open Standards for data deliveries.

We supply products, consultancy and training within your projects or organization. If needed, we also offer services to support you on your application management when your own capacity is low.

Our services

The benefits of Semmtech

We supply simple, highly standardized tools

Proven by thousands of users on small and large projects

No development costs, only application management

Expertise & Capabilities

Semantic Modeling

How we add meaning in a way that is interpretable for both people and computers?

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Ontology-Driven Software Development

How to combine the benefits of semantic web technology with software development?

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We have assisted various shipyards setting up their project management tools and managing their application landscapes.

We have worked on naval frigates, cruise ships, serial production vessels and super yachts both enterprise-wide and project specific. Like no other, our consultants know how to implement practical tools for project management in shipbuilding.