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We offer agility to those who shape the world. Our clients in the engineering and construction industries develop complex projects in a world of expanding partnerships and rapid growth of new innovative technologies and volumes of data. We help clients to build data ecosystems of coherent, distributed, structured and meaningful data. Enabling intelligence in software and capitalization of data as an asset. We are here to help our clients transform into smart data driven and competitive organizations.

What we do

As an asset owner, engineer, contractor or product supplier you never work in isolation and each project differs somehow in clients, suppliers, partners and process. We help to standardize your information management to make your work more efficient, effective and scalable. From strategy and tactics to operational support, we are here to make you succeed. Read our use cases to see how we help our customers.

Specification Libraries

Specification Libraries

Your standard set of requirements become available

SEm/Systems Engineering

SEm/Systems Engineering

Simple to use and proven across over a thousand engineering projects

SE-BIM integration

SE-BIM integration

We offer consultancy and tools to help implement such SE-BIM integrations

Object Type Libraries

Object Type Libraries

Create a structured and meaningful standardized dataset

Impression - An inside look at Semmtech

What we offer


We see business processes, information and software as a united whole. And we understand the differences between challenges on the work place, the ones for the management, and those for IT administrators. We improve business processes with practical software tools and make data administration easier and cheaper.


We offer solutions for Enterprise Architecture, Knowledge Management, Data Integration and Data Distribution using Open Standards and Linked Data. By using our Semmtech Framework and off-the-shelf information architecture (templates or models) we jump-start your interoperability. For Linked Data our clients use the Laces Suite: the first set of tools and platform to capture, share and apply Linked Data without the need for IT specialists.

Tool Implementation

Together with our clients we analyse business processes, design an information architecture and we tailor applications fit for purpose.

Roadmap Development

We help to determine a level of ambition for information integration that fits the business, avoiding costly and ineffective IT projects.

Enterprise Architecture

We help our clients to design an information architecture based on semantic methodology to manage application landscapes.

Data Integration

Developing and configuring integration services using semantic models and Open Standards.

Linked Data Distribution

We assist our clients in using a Linked Data Platform, called LacesHub . LacesHub is a database to store information in the open standard of Linked Data using tripels or graphs. It allows for storing, accessing and versioning Linked Data.

Semantic Models

We help our client implement off-the-shelf semantic models to describe the coherency and consistency of information. These models are used as templates, or Blueprints, for data exchange and software development.

Linked Master Data

We assist our clients in creating master data libraries. These libraries include Reference Data Libraries (RDL), specification libraries (SPL), product catalogs, dictionaries and thesauri.

Linked Data Integrations

We assist our clients in implementing add-ons for their own web applications. We use LacesFetch for connecting third-party software, to use Linked Data.


Object Type Libraries

For sharing information digitally we need agreements on computer formats, data structures and common standards for semantics. Now a new term arises, ‘Object Type Library’ or OTL, in short. An OTL is the same meat but with different gravy. A generalisation for standards covering all sorts of intended uses. So how to make sense of the OTL-world?

Our clients

We are trusted by leading businesses and government organisations. Our clients share our vision on using information and how to integrate the business and it’s IT. We team up with multinationals and small project organisations alike and our products and services are used worldwide.

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